Why BDA?

Why the Bhawanipur Design Academy?

In this highly competitive world, you will no doubt be confused as to which design school will provide good education and opportunities.
So why choose Us?

What really sets us apart?

1. We have an exhaustive range of courses, covering various disciplines such as Fashion & Interior Design, Foreign Languages and other Creative Short Term Courses. There are many sub-options available which you can choose from, based on your needs.

2. We are part of The Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society, one of Kolkata's best known institutions. Our credentials and lineage are impeccable.

3. We have a secure campus, our independent building, where students can be worry-free and focus on development. The atmosphere is friendly and fun while retaining its moderate spirit.

4. The campus is conducive to learning. Students get tremendous exposure to others' work. They learn from themselves and from others. Our facilities and resources make for a very attractive proposition.

5. We have comfortable air-conditioned classrooms and studios. The large rooms which are spacious and well lit. Attention to detail ensure that your study is comfortable and fun.

6. The vibrancy of the Academy provides opportunities to one and all. It facilities nurturing and growth, with opportunity to learn for students, and a fulfilling career for faculty and staff.

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