The Design Academy is on the fifth floor of the Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society building. The air-conditioned premises house a range of in-house facilities for its students and teachers.


The Library

The Academy sports a well stocked library which has numerous books that provide valuable resource to the courses taught. There are also periodicals, including some past issues. Also kept are selected student project documents.

computer studio

The Computer Studio

The Computer Studio provides students access to all required computer software running on powerful systems. Adequate resources are available to ensure students have a one-on-one experience. 


The Classrooms

The classrooms are large, well-lit, airy and airconditioned for comfort. Adequate seating and workspace as well as secure storage space is provided to all students.


Looms, Dyeing, etc

The Textile Studio has facilities such as looms for weaving, dyeing and printing facilities, where students get a hands-on experience.

stitching machines

Stitching Machines

The Fashion Design department has modern stitching machines to enable students give shape to their designs.


High Speed Internet Access

The library features an adjacent area which has computers providing free internet access to students. Being always available, these provide a valuable tool for research and resource generation.



The campus has a large, modern well maintained canteen with high standards of hygienic and strict quality control. Vegetarian meals, snacks, drinks and other popular items are available at economical prices.


Industry Visits

Visits to industrial units are organised at regular intervals. These give students a much needed exposure to how the industry /markets in the outside world functions.

Regular Workshops

The Academy conducts regular workshops though experts well-established in their respective fields for its students and faculty. The are aimed at broadening their horizons, learn new techniques or simply act as an eye-opener.

Other Facilities

Other facilities are provided / made available as per requirement. Special classes and workshops are provided. Students are encouraged to participate in the College's cultural activities.

Notice Board


The Design Education Hotline
033 - 40195549 / 56, 8017815324
5 Lala Lajpat Sarani Kolkata 700020