Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

We follow a system of evaluation that places importance on how much students have actually learnt and how much they can apply this knowledge to their work.

The Bhawanipur Design Academy follows a system where a student is judged against his or her capabilities, and this helps encourage them to improve their performance.

The Academy conducts juries at the end of every semester (twice a year). The jury comprises of both internal faculty as well as professionals from outside who are experts in their respective fields. Students are required to display the work done through the semester and presents the same to the jury. The students are then individually graded according to their understanding, skills developed, work done, attendance levels, etc.

In most disciplines, the jury system is backed up by the more traditional written examination. The grades are collected, collated and compiled to come to the total score.

A student's performance over the semesters is tallied to arrive at his or her final score.

Students may well note that regular attendance is a must, along with timely submission of projects, and a focussed sincere attitude to their classroom work will help them achieve good scores.

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