Course Content - 1 Year Interior Design

 Semester One

Geometry & Graphics

Drafting & Rendering

Orthographic Projection

Measurement & Dimensions, Measurement Survey, Scale , Scale Drawing


Design Project 1 - Residence

History of Interior Design

Perspective drawing – 1 point  &  2 point

Interior Construction – Masonry, Concrete Work, Roofing, Arches, Lintels, Partitions, Flooring, False Ceiling, Wall Fining, Painting, etc.

Materials – Wood- work, carpentry, joinery, Plywood, Furniture Making

Interior Furnishing – Curtains, Drapery, Upholstery, etc.

Services – Plumbing / Sanitary, Acoustics, AC.

 Semester Two

Design Project 1 - Office

Design Project 2 – Restaurant / Showroom

Furniture Design

3D Presentation

Materials – Applications, Specifications, Product Survey, Pricing.

Materials – Workshop, Practical, Estimate, Costing.

Services – Illumination, Automation

Professional Practice - BOQ, Tender, Billing.

Damp proofing, Pest Control, Fire Safety

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