Course Content - 2 Year Fashion Design

 Semester One

What is Design?

Designer’s primary concern: Optical organ and Property of Light

Visual perception: Gestalt Laws.

Analytical Drawing


Free hand Drawing

Elements of Design

Understanding of Grey Scale
Origin of Colour,  Colour Properties, Colour Wheel
Colour Harmonies: Step I & Step II
Munsell Colour System
Colour Temperature

Understanding of Texture: The visible and tactile surface of a substance or material.

Principles of Design

Composition: Relationship between Space, Form and Colour

Form, Space and Structure

Art Appreciation

Introduction to Computers: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet

Understanding of Sewing Machine

Basic Stitching

Communicative English

 Semester Two

Introduction to Fashion Design

Fashion Overview

Designer’s concern: Order in Nature

History of Fashion & Costume

Design Process

Freehand Drawing with application of Colour

Understanding of Texture (continued)

Paper Dress: Group Project - Exploring 3D textures.

Addition and Subtraction
Interrelationship between Colour and Space
Colour Psychology

Introduction to Textiles:
Swatches Collection

History of Printing

Basic Techniques of Block and Screen Printing                             

Pattern making - Basics

Patternmaking of the functional parts of the garments

Understanding of Sewing Machine and its usage

Computer Application in Design:
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Application of Adobe Illustrator Software in Visual image making
Working with Text, Line, Shapes & Objects

 Semester Three

Traditional Costumes of India

Fashion Sketching

Fiber Identification

Cloth Analysis

Textile Dyeing and Printing

Drafting, Pattern Making and Construction

Introduction to Embroidery

Fashion Presentation

Fashion Forecasting & Visual Merchandising 

Construction Studies for Innovative Garments

Fashion Accessory Design

Computer Application in Design:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

 Semester Four

Fashion Illustration

Cloth Analysis

Marketing & Management

Fashion Merchandising

Textile Dyeing and Printing

Drafting, Pattern Making and Construction

Fashion Presentation (Women’s garment, Kids garment)

Appreciation of works of Indian and Western fashion designers (any three)

Construction Studies for Innovative Garments

Computer Application in Design

Application of Software in Creative Garment Design

Documentation & Portfolio Creation

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