Career in Interior Design

This field offers unlimited opportunities for those who are good at it. Our courses prepare students by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and aptitude to pursue these careers:

Commercial Interior Designer
Conceptualize, create and oversee designs for interiors of offices, shopping centres, banks, hotels, hospitals, etc.
Home Interior Designer
Conceptualize and create and oversee designs for homes and other personal spaces.
Set Designer
Conceptualise and create sets for films, theatre, tv shows, tv commericals, etc.
Transportation Designer
Design the interior spaces of buses, aircraft, yachtes, trains and other vehicles.
Retail Store Designer
Conceptualise and implement interior spaces of shops and other retail outlets.
Furniture, Accessories
Create furniture and other accessories as part of an interior or as individual entities.
Historical Preservation Specialist
Specialise in preservation based on original historical detail of buildings.
Model Home Designer
Team up with with architects anddevelopers to design model homes.
Speciality Designer
Specialise in a specific areas such as offices, kitchens, bathrooms.
Illustrator / Renderer or Draftsperson
Create illustrations, renderings and create CAD drawings to aid design professionals.

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