Career in Fashion Design

This field offers unlimited opportunities for those who are good at it. Our courses prepare students by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and aptitude to pursue these careers:

Fashion Designer
Conceptualize, create and oversee designs for new garments & accessories.

Accessories Designer
Conceptualize and create designs for jewellery, footwear, ties & scarves, handbags, belts, headgear, etc.

Fashion Merchandiser
Work with market trends, costs, estimates and historical data to arrive at production targets.

Pattern Maker
Use your skills & expertise to create workable fabric pieces based on a designer's concepts.

Fashion Stylist
Bring to life a director's or a photographer's concepts and thoughts.

Costume Designer
Research and design authentic costumes based on the target period, location, and social class.

Fashion Illustrator
Create concept sketches of apparel and accessories, either hand-drawn or computer generated.

Visual Merchandiser
Design, develop, and implement window and in-store displays for both online & physical stores.

Fashion Photographer
Conceptualize and implement creative photography or videography of line of fashion products.

Personal Stylist
Act as advisor and consultant on best practices in fashion apparel and accessories to well-known people.

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