BDA Graduation Fashion Show 2016

Fashion Show held on 15 December 2016 at the College Campus.

The Bhawanipur Design Academy held its Graduation Fashion Show in the college grounds on 15 December 2016. The budding designers of Fashion Design One and Two years programmes were provided a platform to showcase their creative and design abilities to the members of the industry. Several imminent personalities from the fashion industry were present. Sharbari Datta, fashion designer of international repute and Bridgette Jones, well known Beauty Consultant were the guests of honour at the show.

A total of 16 sequences under various themes were presented. The event commenced with a collection of Paper Dresses which had been created by the students from different handmade and mill paper, inspired from animals, such as porcupine, elephant,rabbit, armadillo etc.

The next sequence was Candy Crush inspired from the popular internet game, followed by Circus and Secret Desire. Sequence five was Kareenas Glam, showcasing the glamour in the tinsel world.

This was followed by Street Wear showing simple and casual garments worn by the teens. Indian Mirror, the next sequence, was an endeavour by our students to bring to the limelight the traditional Indian weaves and fabrics. Metamorphosis aimed to show the changes in life taking inspiration from butterflies.

Dreams was followed by Mohe Rang De which exhibited a range of colourful garments of Tie and Dye.

Sequence eleven was Nefertitti goes to Paris followed by Regeneration, inspired by Cells.

Dolman was the collection by Eesha Sethi Tharani, a former student of The Bhawanipur Design Academy.

Inspired by the various tribes of the North East was the sequence The Essence of Tribes – North East. The penultimate sequence was a collection of garments of Macrame, a technique using different forms of knots to create the garments.

The last sequence was Bridal Denims, using the sturdy Denim fabric to create Bridal Wear.

The students of Fashion Design One and Two years programmes created stalls to showcase the work done by them.

BDA Graduation Fashion Show 2016
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